The Cash Crop

Hello Folks !

We all love it. We don’t need to prove it ! But what if you sell “this” thing ? You will be thinking about making easy money now. Right? Wrong !!

Never try to do that thing ! Making money is ok. But making money by selling drugs? Well, gopalmanuka never says you to do it. But we also never said that you cannot ! Well, Ofcourse you can but special skills and high contacts are highly needed.

Try not to be in the eyes of local cops. Don’t contact any history sheeters, as they may work for local police for money. You give him more! He’ll work for you but don’t trust anybody in this business. Business is एक हाथ लो,दूजे से दो. So if you understand this mantra,you are all set for the business. Try contacting traffickers outside the city,local ones may vomit everything once interrogated.

Last but not the least ; Bake till last breath !

Take Care



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