Gopal Manuka’s point of view on the eve of National Education Day

It’s 11th of November 2013 and the birth anniversary of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad remarked or celebrated or observed as National Education Day in India. “Each One, Teach One” is the SLOGAN for the mark of remembrance.

Indian schools do not provide sex education and cannabis awareness to their students due to some obligations by the Government. Sex apart, but Gopal Manuka is all set for answering all the questions asked by teenagers especially those who think that “Marijuana” is a drug.

In our previous posts we have already discussed about how the people blindly follow the government regarding the social status of “Marijuana”. In Hindi, “Marijuana” used for smoking is called “Gaanja” (गाँजा ). Frankly speaking no body, even the potheads hate this word because it sounds too cheap and kwirky. While on the Facebook, We met across many boys and girls who enquired about the negative aspects of “Marijuana”. There aren’t any in reality but This bad headache and some times a deep cough will irritate you, but not for a longer time. THERE NO RECORDS WHICH CAN PROVE THAT SOMEONE HAS DIED OF CONSUMING MARIJUANA. So, naturally it’s not gonna harm you. You may wanna taste “CHARAS” or Hashish but it’s too mainstream. Cocaine is out of boundary, what we talk about is Marijuana.

So, people if you get any kind of problem ! Rush to us…!



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