New Policy with a new Government !

India, has once again elected its new prime ministerial designate Mr.Narendra Modi to govern the country with a moolmantra “Less Government,More Governance”.

Well it’s quite apt that India is not going to refrain soon towards its drug policy underlaid years back by Rajiv Gandhi’s government. The maximum vote bank reflecting in the country’s current diaspora is of : YOUTH !

Indian youth has totally accepted the recreational and noble use of Marijuana. Manipur has it’s own state legislation upon marijuana so it’s sure that they are going to ‘tax’ it.

All we want is to bring back the days that used to be in 80’s ! Many children and adults hailing from far hills find marijuana useful for curing their daily ailments. The United States of America has already passed the Medical Marijuana bill that was raised by the council of secretaries of the state which resulted in cent percent legalization of Marijuana in Washington and Colorado. If you are in Denver,CO right now you can just buy a pack of Northern Lights Kush for $50 with no obligations.

That particular country is 100 years more developed than us and we are still in the comparative state. All our people do is curse the Westernization and be in dingy black sad country. Fuck !!


2 comments on “New Policy with a new Government !

  1. yes its true!!!!!!!!
    Its high time for the legalization to carry or use of small amount of marijuana.
    Its been used in India from very early ages. The proof is been given in many Indian old articles.
    Its also mentioned the usage of bhang in Hindu Religion.
    Its not at all harmful to the health as of alcohol or cigarettes.
    Being a majority of Hinduism, banning of marijuana is not acceptable.
    I hope our new PM will take initiative for the legalization of marijuana as the president of US

    • Yes. Yes. That’s a positive accent I see. True my friend, Marihuana doesn’t harm you. It’s the God’s gift to the mankind. People who practice Marijuana should use it wisely for Novelty purposes only. We have ABUSERS all over being an obstacle in the way of Legalization. 😉

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