India’s first ever “Legalize Marijuana” meet.

For all the pot smokers out there there is a very happy news I would like to share this piece of news coming right from Bengaluru. Yes, Bengaluru is going to host its first ever Legalize Marijuana meet on 10th May 2015, the venue has not yet decided and the event is restricted to 200 people. The event is hosted by an eminent musician of the city Viki Vaurora. 

This is the mark of a “Revolution” people. Rise up and stand for the cause. 

Vaurora points out that cannabis has been used in India for centuries and it is only in the last 30 years that it has been banned. The other speaker at the conference will be Canadian Rick Simpson, a former power engineer who advocates cannabis oil usage to cure cancer. The conferences will be held across four cities — Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai and Delhi — on consecutive weekends in May. “We have invited doctors too for the meet. People have to know it is not just about smoking and getting high. There are medical uses too,” says Vaurora.  



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