Know The Gopal Manuka !!!

We are a non-profit organisation on a mission to end prohibition.We proudly provide cannabis awareness and education via the world wide web.On Marijuana’s medicinal potential and its countless uses as Hemp. From smoking it,curing with it,cooking with it,to building homes,ending hunger,creating jobs,boosting our economy,saving our environment and spreading peace and love.

Marijuana is truly a GOD’s gift to our world.There is strength in numbers and together we will legalize MARIJUANA.


4 comments on “Know The Gopal Manuka !!!

  1. im planin on visiting andaman&nics during Aug or Sept’15; ima regular stoner chick, and wondering where i might get my hands on some ganj\chars round the place!! would be flying, so cant carry my stuff along… b highly grateful if u could be oof any help!! SOS >_<

    • That’s cool. Currently I am out of town and the weed market out there in Port Blair. So you can head to Havelock Islands & ask the room boy of your hotel where you are going to stay in Havelock. Inbox me your email address so that I can help you score some weed while in Port Blair only for Rs. 500.

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